If you're still on the fence about indoor cultivation, here are four reasons you should know how to grow indoor weed:

1. Multiple Harvest Seasons

With growing indoor weed you are definitely not limited by the change of seasons even if  you just so happened to live on the equator or at one of the poles. Though since I'm sure 90% of our readers don't have that luxury, it's important to consider how often you'd like a strong harvest, when you go over the pro's and con's of outdoor vs. indoor cannabis growing.

Cultivation outside certainly does have its perks, though both soil and hydro growing will only give you a few crops before they are reduced to textile scraps, and then it will be winter and you'll be out of luck until next season. With indoor growing, you get the best of everything by being able to get the most out of each individual plant, and by being able to grow all year round.

2. Less Pests

Being the last person to tell anyone to stay away from nature, I am still the first person to suggest you keep your crop bug-free, and the best way to do that, is to cultivate your cannabis inside and not outside. 

There are not many pests that savor the taste of sativa, though the ones that do (like spider mites or stray cats), can do some serious damage to your meds when they get the chance – an opportunity they'll have much more often when you grow your plants outside.

3. Easy Budtending

Aside from reducing possible pest infestations on your plants (reducing your workload), you'll also find that it's much easier to give your plants the love and attention they truly deserve, by keeping them nearby.

That way you're able to keep up with any kinks in your system, such as lights not turning off in sequence or fans that give out. If anything happens, you'll be nearby to save the day. 

You'll also only have to travel down the hall, into the basement or another room to take care of your daily inspections and budtending, which will be all that much more convenient that when you have to put your coat and shoes on to go outside and take care of everything.

4. Premium Privacy

While you might find it nice to spend your days outside, and maybe you don't mind growing seasonally, but there's one thing that you'll definitely like about growing indoor weed over outdoor growing, and that's the privacy you'll get by keep your meds inside your home.

When you have your crop growing outside, you run the risk of having it stolen, reported or raided much more often than you do when you keep your plants inside where they are safe and away from prying eyes.

Even in the cooler neighborhoods, or even the states that have decriminalized, growing is still a big deal and resides within a gray line that does not fully protect you, which means that privacy is a big deal and one I'm sure you're already taking into consideration as you plan your medical marijuana growing operation.

Weight out all the pros and cons for your own situation, then check out our, Ryan Riley Growing Elite Indoor Weed  review to help you make your final decisions when learning how to grow the best indoor weed or medical cannabis.


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