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Key Points Carbon filters are key when growing indoors. For many of the reasons why we are growing weed indoors are great reasons to cover up the inevitable smell that will come when flowering your indoor cannabis. Exhaust fans are a necessity for maintaining good air flow for your plants to thrive. You cannot have stagnate air for the plants or for the safety of maintaining the privacy of your grow area. In order to conceal the smell you will need to attach a carbon filter prior to the air reaching the outside world.

The most obvious way of cutting down your viability to the outside world is to not tell anyone about your indoor weed. I cannot stress this enough! The first thing growers tend to do wrong is invite all of their friends to see the set up as we are obviously a proud bunch. Do not do it. Keep your grow a secret as much as you can as it easily gets out that a large quantity of high grade indoor weed is in the area and you do not want the attention.

Keep heavy curtains up to avoid light leaking out at 1am for people to see. Do not buy your materials in one place with a credit card as well. You want to buy as much of your necessary materials for growing weed indoors in cash at different places. The overall message here is to keep a low profile until you have harvested because moving your grow halfway through the process because of the attention you have brought on yourself is not advisable or fun!

Top Secret: You can also supplement CO2 to increase the production of your indoor weed. This has been shown to be an expensive yet effective way of increasing the plants yield. If you want to be the best then CO2 supplementation is key along with a good meter to check the levels.

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Growing Weed Indoors

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