Growing Indoor Weed

While growing cannabis outdoors may be more convenient, knowing how to grow indoor weed has more advantages. Growing medical marijuana is prohibited in most countries and is subject to prosecution . When you grow indoor weed, you will be able to control the environment of the plant and expect them to grow exactly as a healthy marijuana plant should.

How to Grow Indoor Weed: The Grow Room

There are 5 basic requirements when you start to grow weed:

  • Water- Water the weed whenever they look dry. Do not over-water the plant as it is a major cause of death to most weeds. Over watered weeds looks droopy just like a plant that needs more water. One best way to check if the plant needs water is by feeling its weight. Lift the plant after you water and lift it the next day and see if it got lighter. If it’s light, basically it needs water. Young weeds needs less water and as they mature, root balls start to fill the whole container; thus, the plant needs more water.
  • Lights- Incandescent lights are simply not acceptable for the growing plant. Although they are cheap yet they also tend to work costly. Try to get 50-watts light per square foot. More light means more yields.
  • Fertilizers/ Nutrients- Every plant needs nutrients to grow, especially when growing weed indoors. Do not over-fertilize your cannabis sativa. You add the fertilizer up with the water you will be using to water the plant.
  • Air - when growing weed indoors, it is very essential to constantly give them fresh air to breath. A moisture meter is recommended.
  • Temperature- High temperature inhibits growth of the weed. Keep a temperature from 75 to 85 degrees. Being too cold for a weed is bad as they will not be capable of taking up nutrients properly.

Two Ways to Grow Indoor Weed

1. Using soil as a medium – Potting the plant in soil might be too heavy when growing indoor weed. In a bag of potting soil, mix it equally with sand and perlite. This is known to be the best way to grow indoors. Most potting soil will work except those that have clay in them.

2. Hydroponic System- Means growing without soil. This has been done by researchers who studies plant metabolism which shows that plants take their nutrients as basic inorganic ions and that soil is not essential. Although the nutrients of the plant came from the soil, they can only absorb those that dissolve into the plant’s water supply. So long as the required nutrients have been introduced to the plant, soil is basically unnecessary.

Wherever you want to grow indoor weed, remember that proper ventilation is quite essential. Open up the space daily so that the area where you grow is not very humid. Larger areas may require extractor fans.

Follow these helpful guides on how to grow indoor weed and you are on your way to growing a healthy cannabis sativa.

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