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The debate between growing your weed indoors or outdoors is almost as heated as the plant itself.

There are many advantages to each as we will discuss and your growing situation may be different from the next. The majority of the growers that have the ability to grow outdoors have access to large open spaces, possibly rural and or forest land. Large spaces for growing weed generally leads to a higher yield or harvest and relies on the natural surroundings to nurture the plants into your final product. Due to the same advantages, outdoor weed tends to be less appealing to the eye and typically has a lower THC content. The plant has to focus more on getting sunlight with large leaves as opposed to producing THC in the flowers or buds.

Basically it is about Quantity not Quality when growing outdoors.

Growing indoor weed is going to lead to a much higher quality bud in terms of look and THC content (the stuff that gets you high). Due to the fact that you are providing every element that growing weed requires at all the right times the plant can focus on producing its' prized possession, the flower or bud with a highly coveted THC content. The reason why I stress THC content so much is that this allows you to inhale less smoke into your lungs while getting the same or better effect than smoking a large amount of outdoor weed. I often hear people saying that increased THC content is a bad thing which is ridiculous. This is the kind of fear producing argument that forces most growers indoors in the first place. This is also why weed is still illegal for recreational use in the majority of the world despite the large amount of data and scientific proof showing weed is a much safer alternative to many legal drugs we use on a regular basis such as alcohol and tobacco.

Okay, okay I could go on and on…

Now other benefits of growing indoor weed include being able to protect it from the harsh environment like pests, temperature, and light. All of these factors play a huge role in the quality of your final product which is why we do it anyway!

Quality not quantity momma always said.

Join the conversation! I know everyone reading this has an opinion!

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indoor weed vs. outdoor weed

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