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How to Grow Weed 420

Basic Information

How to grow weed 420 is just as easy as planting a tulip or an orchid. This means that you also have to implement the basics in planting any type of plants. However, special care should also be done in growing a marijuana seed. The main reason to how to grow good weed is the value it can provide to you once you’ve planted and grown a cannabis plant.

The first thing you have to consider if you really want to learn how to grow weed is to acquire a good kind of soil. Well, you only want to “pamper” your plant since it is valuable and it can even reduce the pain in your body since marijuana is also considered as a medicinal herb. Moreover, you can use your own garden utensils in growing weed.

Growing this type of weed is not as delicate as you think my friends, just prepare the necessary materials and you can start your own outdoor or indoor marijuana greenhouse. Just make sure you plant legally especially if your location bans growing of weeds.

How to grow weed 420 – the process of growing

Again, prior to how to grow weed fast, you have to prepare the necessary materials. Once you have prepared everything (including the seeds) it’s time to know the process. Here it is:

Seed germination

One of the most important factors in growing weed is to germinate the seeds properly. Firstly, you have to soak the seeds into a paper towel with distilled water (30 minutes). Once you’ve soaked the seeds, simply get the seeds and place it in a paper plate or towel. Make sure you provide space in each seeds so that germination is 100% done. After you’ve placed the seeds, put another paper plate on top to cover it until the seeds germinate. Once the seeds have germinated, use tweezers to place the seeds in a soil bed (the sprouts should be facing the soil).

Lighting, nutrition and cuttings

As the seeds grow, proper lighting should be done. Lighting should be at least eight hours a day to sustain the weed with ample lighting. Placing fertilizers is also important. You can purchase a mixture of fertilizer that includes Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphorous. It is also a good idea to cut some of the small twigs and leaves of the weed so that it will grow robust with leaves.

How to grow weed 420 – drying

The last part of on how to grow weed is to dry it. This is very important since once you miss out the drying process, then it will turn soggy and almost impossible to use. You have to have a room temperature to dry the weeds. Also, proper ventilation should be done so that the chemical change will be done efficiently. Make sure that you dry the weed in a dark and dry place (too much humidity will not dry out the weed).

Once the weed is dry, it is best to store it in a cool place or you can even freeze it to preserve the taste. Hence, these are the steps on how to grow weed 420. You can learn more by checking sites that provides features in growing weeds.

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How to grow weed 420